Bank holiday weekend is a washout for much of Britain

Bank holiday weekend is a washout for much of Britain

The bank holiday weekend is proving a washout for many, with barbecues and outdoor events hastily brought under shelter, and the first revellers at the Notting Hill carnival adding raincoats to their feathers and glitter.

Bands of heavy rain and strong winds moved across the country, and temperatures struggled to get above 14C or 15C in many places, less than half the tropical heat of a few weeks ago. The top temperature was not expected to reach 20c anywhere in the UK.

The Met Office forecaster Greg Dewhurst said the Sunday had begun with heavy rain in many parts of the west, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, while early sunshine in some eastern regions soon gave way to low cloud and heavy showers. Strong winds along the west coast spreading eastwards made for miserable driving conditions for many.

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Most regions would have a drier and brighter evening though as the wind drove the bands of rain clear of the east coast, he said.

The forecast is marginally better for bank holiday Monday, with scattered showers rather than heavy rain, and even brief intervals of sunshine on a busy day on the roads marking the end of summer and school holidays for many.

The rest of the week is predicted to remain cool and cloudy, though some optimistic forecasts suggest an Indian summer to come in September.

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Bank holiday weekend is a washout for much of Britain

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