GEEK PICK: Poke Ball Lunch Case

GEEK PICK: Poke Ball Lunch Case

There are a lot of exciting new things about the upcoming Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and Pokemon Let’s Go Eevee. They are entirely new takes on the original Pokemon Yellow Kanto region. They are the first core Pokemon RPGs to debut on a home console, the Nintendo Switch. They are compatible with Pokemon Go. And they can be controlled with a replica Poke Ball Plus controller.

As cool as that controller is though, transporting you into the world by Pokemon by having you literally throw a Poke Ball at the screen, it seems very tiny. Granted, of course, a device meant for a child would seem small in adult hands, but even for kids it seems like it could use a bit more bulk.

However, even though it won’t control your game, if you’re looking for a Poke Ball big enough to carry food in, check out this Poke Ball Lunch Case ($20) from ThinkGeek.

The mechanics of Poke Balls have always baffled me. Do they like shoot lasers that turn Pokemon into energy? And then store Pokemon in like a hologram of their natural environment? Even just the way they bounce against the creatures seems wild. This Poke Ball lunch case is much less confusing. It’s just a plastic sphere shaped and colored like a Poke Ball with a handy little handle. Press the button and it opens up revealing enough room to easily fit a lunch for a child or frugal adult.

You don’t even need to limit it to food. While it’s too big for anymore except basketball players to comfortably palm, you could still load it up with Pokemon toys for some dynamic cosplay. The Eevee plush we highlighted is too large, but you could definitely jam the big boy Detective Pikachu amiibo in there, as long as you ignore the fact Pikachu doesn’t go in a Poke Ball.

Pokemon never really went away, but it still feels like it’s about to come back in a big way. While you’re waiting in line for Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu/Eevee keep your snacks in this Poke Ball lunch case. And for more on Pokemon check out this Snorlax Kigurumi as well as our thoughts on other franchises that should rip off Pokemon Go.

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GEEK PICK: Poke Ball Lunch Case

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