After-Parties and Innocents: Let Geek Tell You What to Watch This Weekend

After-Parties and Innocents: Let Geek Tell You What to Watch This Weekend

Forget Peak TV. We’re living in an age of Peak Content, period. There are so many cool shows and movies and games and weird internet videos you could consume at any given moment that it’s almost overwhelming. And there are only so many free hours in a week, even if you skip sleep. So no one can blame you if you just want someone else to suggest to you what to watch on any given weekend.

Why not let your friends here at be that suggestive someone? Let Geek take the wheel! Here’s what we think is totally worth watching this weekend. And if you want to know how you can keep up with all this content, be sure to check out our stories on the best streaming TV services and streaming devices.

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The Innocents

If you’re in the mood for something in the sci-fi/supernatural side, Netflix has a new British drama out this weekend. The Innocents follows a young couple who flee to London to begin a life together. Things get complicated when she discovers an ability to shapeshift into other people entirely. She’s drawn into a mysterious plot involving kidnapping and human experiments. Guy Pierce is in this one, going full-on creep in the trailer alone. This series has definitely got my attention. At eight episodes long, it shouldn’t take more than a day to binge either. The Innocents is available now on Netflix.

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The After Party

Maybe instead of supernatural romantic drama, you’re looking for a coming of age comedy. Netflix has a movie out this weekend to scratch that particular itch. The After Party follows an aspiring rapper and his best friend/wannabe manager as they try to score a record deal. They get close during one show only for it all to go horribly wrong. Now their one last shot at fame lies inside an exclusive after party they have basically no hope of getting into. Hijinks will ensue. It looks to be a fun buddy comedy with some cool hip-hop celebrity cameos. There will be a lot of those, but from the trailer, they seem to be used pretty well. It helps that the two main actors’ starstruck acts are real funny. The After Party is available today on Netflix.

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Crime + Punishment

Hulu has been putting out some great documentaries lately. This week, the service brings us Crime + Punishment, a look at the NYPD’s illegal and harmful practice of using arrest and ticket quotas to drive revenue. It follows 12 cops who came out against the practice and the struggles they faced to get the truth out there. The documentary covers opposition they faced from their fellow officers and the challenges of working with the communities they’re policing who, for good reason it turns out, don’t trust cops. Crime + Punishment is out today on Hulu.

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Safe Harbour

Also on Hulu this weekend is a psychological thriller series called Safe Harbour. A group of Australians are sailing when they come across a fishing boat full of refugees. They offer help, but the fishing boat disappears at some point during the night. Eventually, it’s discovered that someone cut the rope, letting the refugees die in the ocean. Who is the murderer? Why doesn’t anybody know what happened? This promises to be an engrossing, possibly disturbing and all-too-timely mystery. Safe Harbour is available today on Hulu.

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Summer isn’t quite here yet, but we’re already getting in a horror mood. Netflix has a terrifying-looking series from India out this weekend. The second Netflix original production to come out of the country, Ghoul is about a military officer assigned to interrogate a prisoner. It soon becomes clear that this prisoner isn’t what he seems. He starts revealing the secrets of his interrogators, and it only gets creepier from there. The show promises to be a great three-episode scare. You don’t need sleep this weekend anyway. Ghoul is available today on Netflix.

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America to Me

On more traditional networks, Starz has a documentary series out this weekend that, by all accounts, is fantastic. From the director of Hoop Dreams, America to Me spends a whole school year at Oak Park and River Forest High School near Chicago. The series focuses on education inequality in a school that’s racially diverse, but still divided along racial lines. This is gonna be a hard, but essential watch. The 10-episode series starts Sunday at 9 p.m. on Starz.

Looking for more to watch this weekend? Get caught up on Preacher before Sunday’s finale! How about head to the movies to check out The Happytime Murders or Disenchantment. Either way, there’s plenty of great options for your viewing pleasure.

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After-Parties and Innocents: Let Geek Tell You What to Watch This Weekend

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