Here Are the Biggest Announcements From Gamescom 2018

Here Are the Biggest Announcements From Gamescom 2018

Summer is a relatively dry time (pun intended) when it comes to major video game announcements. Thankfully, we always have the annual Gamescom convention to quench our thirst for big gaming news. This year’s reveals were particularly exciting as many of the industry’s largest publishers and developers delivered new trailers and updates for some of their upcoming titles. Whether you’re a fan of Nintendo, Sony, or Microsoft, there was something for everyone to get hyped about. It’s safe to say this was a very good year for Gamescom.

Given the sheer number of reveals at Gamescom, it’s understandably difficult to sift through it all. That’s why we at Geek HQ compiled a list of the biggest game trailers and announcements from Germany’s gaming convention. You can check them out right down below.

Devil May Cry 5 Trailer and Release Date

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First announced during this year’s E3, Devil May Cry 5 takes the series back to its roots with the return of Nero and Dante. At Gamescom, Capcom showed a new gameplay trailer filled with the over-the-top action the series is known for. You know this title isn’t messing around now that Dante can split his motorcycle in half and use it as a weapon. Along with the trailer, we found out the game drops on March 8, 2019. Fans disappointed by DmC: Devil May Cry will no doubt have this date saved on every calendar they own. Devil May Cry 5 looks like a hell of a good time indeed.

Cyberpunk 2077 Concept Art and Screenshots

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CD Projekt Red is becoming like Rockstar Games with the way it teases people. The company actually showed Cyberpunk 2077 behind-closed-doors at this year’s E3. Unfortunately, fans did not get to see the footage for themselves. Like E3, Gamescom didn’t have any footage to show publicly. However, we did get a new set of screenshots and concept art to ogle at. We have absolutely no idea when we’ll actually see footage of Cyberpunk 2077, let alone find out the release date. We’ll just have to sit tight and wait for CD Projekt Red to bless us with something we can truly salivate over.

Overwatch D.Va Trailer and New map

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Overwatch fans got treated to another character trailer. This time, it’s for the ever-popular D.Va. The trailer (which technically made its debut at the Korea Fanfest), details the character’s time as a hero for a Meka team. Like other Overwatch character trailers, the latest video is awesome to watch, even if you’re like me and don’t know the first thing about Overwatch. Blizzard also revealed a new map set in South Korea. Pretty neat stuff overall!

Shenmue III Release Date and Trailer

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If you were hoping to play Shenmue III this year then you’re in for a bit of a disappointment. It was revealed that the long-awaited title will release on April 27, 2019. While that date isn’t exactly close, it is at least a proper date and not a release window. Or at least, we hope so. Along with the release date, we got treated to a brand-spanking new trailer. Those faces still look a bit suspect to me, but it’s clear the game has seen improvements since its first trailer dropped. Because we’re still a long way from April 27, it’s possible the game will see more improvements.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Gameplay

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If you’re a fan of the old Tenchu games then you’re no doubt excited to play FromSoftware’s Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. Considering this is a FromSoftware title, we can assume Sekiro is going to be brutally difficult. Unlike other Souls-esque games on the market, I think we can trust Sekiro will at least be fair. FromSoftware said the title will have a deeper focus on character progression and story, which is something I personally appreciate. Expect Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice to release on March 22, 2019.

Battlefield V Trailers

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DICE came through with two Battlefield V trailers. The first focuses on the game’s campaign mode, while the second centers on the importance of squad building in multiplayer. Battlefield titles aren’t exactly known for their gripping narrative, but it seems DICE is really trying to create something memorable this time around. With that said, we know the real heart and soul of the game will lie in its multiplayer modes. It’ll be interesting to see how Battlefield does against the juggernaut that is Call of Duty this fall.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Gets New Characters

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Nintendo dropped a new Super Smash Bros. Ultimate trailer that shows off new characters: Dark Samus, Ridley, Chrom, and Lucina. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will no doubt be the biggest game for Switch this fall. It has nearly every character ever featured in the popular party brawler franchise. There isn’t really much more to say about this title. If you’re a Nintendo Switch owner you’ve probably already got this game pre-ordered. This latest trailer is no doubt just icing on the cake.

Saints Row 3 Comes to Nintendo Switch

We’re happy to announce that @SaintsRow: The Third is coming to #NintendoSwitch! More info to be revealed in due course #gamescom

— Deep Silver UK (@DeepSilverUK) August 21, 2018

While on the topic of Nintendo Switch, let’s talk about the system getting Saints Row 3. This is easily the best game in the franchise so it makes sense Deep Silver is bringing it to Switch instead of Saints Row 4. The biggest advantage this port has over previous iterations is the fact people can take it on the road. Well, that’s pretty much the biggest appeal of Switch, but my point still stands. This is also another game that proves Nintendo isn’t just a kid’s company.

Jump Force New Characters Revealed

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If you’re a fan of anime then I know you’re hyped as hell for Jump Force. At Gamescom, a new trailer revealed six new characters being added to the roster. These include Gon and Hisoka from Hunter x Hunter, Sanji, Sabo, and Blackbeard from One Piece, and Vegeta from Dragon Ball Z. We didn’t get an update on when the game is being released. All we know is that it is sometime in 2019. Seeing as how Jump Force brings together so many beloved anime characters, I’m sure the wait will be more than worth it. If they ever get Kenshiro from Fist of the North Star into the roster I’ll absolutely lose my mind.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider Nvidia Trailer

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Nvidia announced its fancy new GTX 2080 Ti graphics card. One of the games used to demonstrate what the card can do was Square-Enix’s Shadow of the Tomb Raider. If you’ve read my hands-on preview then you know it’s going to be another great entry in the franchise. Those who play it on PC will certainly get their money’s worth since the game looks absolutely gorgeous on high-end machines. With that said, console owners will still get a beautiful looking title. As someone who has been a fan of Tomb Raider since 1995, I’m super excited to play this upcoming entry. It’s going to be something special.

Gamescom has had some pretty amazing trailers revealed. We can’t recommend the Plantronics’ RIG 300 and RIG 400 Pro Gaming Headsets that debuted there enough. Team Geek is also huge fans of Devil May Cry, especially now that you can play on PC.  And there’s plenty of PS4 news for you to follow. 

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Here Are the Biggest Announcements From Gamescom 2018

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