5 Comics Kickstarters You Should Back!

5 Comics Kickstarters You Should Back!

Some of the most exciting things in the arts today wouldn’t be happening without Kickstarter. It’s a platform that’s been the key crowdfunding tool that’s funded over 100,000 projects with the help of over 14 million backers. One of the biggest beneficiaries of this platform has been the comics community, which Kickstarter has helped bring older comics and graphic novels back in print, print webcomics, launch new series, and even help launch and sustain publishers like Iron Circus Comics and Space Between Entertainment.

Since Kickstarter has become such an important part of the comics community, we here at Geek want to highlight some of the comics you can back on Kickstarter right now!

Smut Peddler Presents: SEX MACHINE

C. Spike Trotman is easily one of the most influential people on Kickstarter. Through her publishing arm, Iron Circus Comics, she’s released over a dozen comics, graphic novel collections and anthologies from successful Kickstarter campaigns. This latest campaign is to fund Smut Peddler Presents: SEX MACHINE, the fourth erotica anthology in the series and the second to be printed in color. Over a dozen artists are contributing stories to this impressive anthology including Fiona Staples; one of the biggest names in comics! Backing at the $15 levels gets you the PDF copy of the book and $30 gets you the physical copy as well. Reward tiers go up to $100 and include the rest of the anthology series in PDF and physical formats!

Ends Wed, August 29 2018 6:00 PM EDT.

Strawberries and Honey

UK based illustrator and comics artist Toria McCallum has returned to Kickstarter to crowdfund her latest comic, Strawberries and Honey. This sweet (no pun intended!) comic follows two women who are vending at a farmers market who fall for each other. One of them is a bee-keeper, and the other is a strawberry farmer. It’s an LGBT romance story about getting over one’s awkwardness to meet someone before it’s too late. Also, there’s a cat. This beautiful comic utilizes a limited color palette and is one piece in Toria’s already established LGBT comic works. Backing at the $4 level gets you the digital copy and $10 will also get you the physical copy. Reward tiers go up to $45 and include a digital bundle of Toria’s other LGBT comics, commissioned artwork, appearing as a background character in the comic, and more!

Ends Sun, September 16 2018 12:00 PM EDT.

Bruno Sammartino: The True Life Story of a Wrestling Legend

Inverse Press has a long history of running successful Kickstarter projects having racked up over 30 fully funded campaigns. Their latest comic project is a biographical story about a sports entertainment icon, Bruno Sammartino: The True Life Story of a Wrestling Legend. The creative team of John E. Crowther, Rich Perotta, and Vito Potenza put together this 20-page full-color comic that’s part one of a five-part miniseries based on actual interviews with wrestling legend Bruno Sammartino prior to his death. Backing at just $2 will get you the digital copy of this comic and $5 will also get you the physical copy with a standard cover. Reward tiers go up to $125 and include variant covers, autographed copies, and more!

Ends Tue, September 11 2018 9:00 PM EDT.

Artist and writer catfish has launched their first Kickstarter campaign to help bring their popular webcomic into print, Little Mizzi Muffet and the Spider King Volume 1. This fantasy horror comic follows Mizzi Muffet, a 17-year-old girl living among other nursery rhyme characters. As you may have gathered, Mizzi Muffet does not like spiders. Unfortunately for her, the demon Spider King has his eyes set on her. He’s offered Mizzi three favors in exchange for her hand in marriage. After she initially declines, strange happenings begin to take place in town; forcing Mizzi to ask the Spider King for help. This first volume contains chapters 1 through 5 and spans 100 pages. Backing at the $8 gets you a PDF copy of the book and $12 gets you the physical copy as well. Reward tiers go up to $384 and include bookmarks, digital commissions, becoming a featured character, and more!

Ends Wed, September 19 2018 12:00 PM EDT.

UK based comics creator Rozi Hathaway is back on Kickstarter for her latest project, Moon: A Short Comic Story. Inspired by conversations she had with her partner’s four-year-old son after he had seen a large disc and thought it looked like the moon, this 24-page full-color staple-bound comic printed in mini-tabloid newspaper format, this ethereal story explores curiosity and love through the lens of childhood. The comic is already well underway as it’s already been penciled and the inking and painting of the pages have begun. Backing at the $4 level gets you the digital copy and $8 will get you the physical copy. Reward tiers go up to $128 and include comics bundles, prints, original artwork, and more!

Ends Sun, September 9 2018 3:00 PM EDT.

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5 Comics Kickstarters You Should Back!

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