97 Pictures That Prove I’m Not *Exactly* Who You Think I Am

97 Pictures That Prove I’m Not *Exactly* Who You Think I Am

I shared a post over on my Favorite Daily Things website of the pictures you all submitted as “your most embarrassing” photos. I promised you when I did that I would share a post full of mine.

In the spirit of keeping that promise, I dove into the photos on my phone, searching for anything I think is embarrassing. I was hoping to find 12-15 photos to use. Nope. I found these 97.

Why share them?

Why not share them?

One of the hardest parts of doing what I do is people seeing the tiny glimpses of my life and mind that I share, and then thinking they know the whole of it. They take the 2% they see and fill in the other 98%.

But, sometimes I’m amazing. sometimes I’m an idiot. Sometimes I get drunk. Sometimes I’m a total goofball. Sometimes I am awkward a hell. Sometimes I think I’m doing something fantastic, or awesome, or sexy, then when I go back, I’m like… No, Pearce. No.

And since I’d rather only have followers who wanna follow me, even after getting to see a little more of who I really am, I very proudly present to you these 98 photos. They span about the last five years of my life (minus a couple from earlier on)…

I’ve shared a handful of them before. Yes, I’m blonde in some. That’s my natural color. I just happened to dye it dark for most of the past five years. I bet if you try really hard you’ll be able to mentally come to grips with that.


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97 Pictures That Prove I’m Not *Exactly* Who You Think I Am

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