Invisible Man Jokes

Invisible Man Jokes


Invisible Man Jokes For Halloween

Q: ?
A: !

Q: Why did the invisible man flunk math at school?
A: He couldn’t count his fingers!

Q: Doctor there’s a man in the waiting room who says he can make himself invisible.
A: Tell him I can’t see him right now!

Q: Why didn’t the invisible man get invited to the Halloween party?
A: They knew he wouldn’t show up!

Q: Why was the invisible man never seen with his friends when he was a teen?
A: Disappear pressure!

Q: Why could every one see the invisible man at the Halloween party?
A: He was wearing a mummy costume!

Q: Why cant you see the invisible man?
A: Hes busy stealing your Halloween Candy!

Q: Who write jokes on
A: The invisible man!

Q: How many children does the invisible man have?
A: None. He’s not apparent!

Q: Do you hear about the invisible man that went trick or treating?
A: Every one would open the door then shut it in his face again!

Q: Why can’t you see the invisible man’s mother?
A: She’s transparent!

Q: Why is the Invisible Man invisible?
A: He refused to look in the mirror!

Q: How do you know if there is an invisible man in your house?
A: Your cat is having a hissing fit!

Q: Why did the invisible man lay off his job?
A: Because he couldn’t see himself working!

Q: Tried to dress up as the invisible man for Halloween?
A: But the eraser just wouldn’t rub me out!

Q: Who do parents blame when the kids notice that some of their Halloween candy is gone?
A: The invisible man!

Q: What the difference between a ghost and the invisible man?
A: Ghost are the undead and the invisible man is living!

Q: Why does the invisible man love Halloween?
A: He gets to dress up so people can see him!

Q: Have you ever been to a Invisible man Halloween party?
A: Not a body to been seen!

Q: Does the invisible man wear any clothes?
A: Only when he dress up for Halloween!

Q: How do you know if have just walked into an invisible man?
A: You start to hear a voice saying “Watch where you are going”

Q: Did you hear about the urban legend about the invisible man?
A: No I could see straight though that one!

Q: Why did god create the invisible man?
A: The invisible was created in gods image!

Q: What is the invisible man favorite Halloween game to play?
A: Hide and seek!

Q: Why does the invisible man hate smart phones?
A: He can’t take a selfie!

Q: Who does the invisible man sleep with?
A: Anyone he likes!

Q: How does the invisible make a living?
A: They paint themselves silver or gold an stand in mall in funny positions!

Q: Why is hard your the invisible man to date?
A: The date keeps on about see other people!

Q: What’s the best part of being an invisible man?
A: Ghosts get or the blame for what you do!

The invisible man and an invisible woman got married.
Their kids were nothing to look at!

Knock, Knock

Who’s there?


Invisible who?

Invisible man!

Knock, Knock

Who’s there?


Invisible who?

Invisible man please don’t shut the door in my face!

Knock, Knock

Who’s there?


Halloween who?

Halloween bag in my invisible hand!

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Invisible Man Jokes

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