Zombie Apocalypse Running Jokes

Zombie Apocalypse Running Jokes


Getting You Fit For Halloween

Q: Why did the chicken run across the road?
A: There was a Zombie coming!

Q: In the zombie Apocalypse why was the blonde jogging backwards?
A: She wanted to gain weight!

Q: If twenty zombies run after you, what time is it?
A: Twenty after one!

Q: Why couldn’t the runner get away from the zombie?
A: He hit the wall!

Q: What do you get if a zombie runs infront of your car?
A: A tired out zombie four sure!

Q: Why do zombies run in circles?
A: Because its hard to run in squares!

Q: What do you call a competitive runner who just broke up with his girlfriend after she was bitten?
A: Homeless!

Q: What is absolute jealousy in the zombie apocalypse?
A: The feeling survivors get when you’re driving by in your car past them running for their lives from a zombie herd!

Q: In the zombie apocalypses why did the vegetarians run away but never join the group again!
A: They didn’t like to meat up!

Q: How did the barber run away from the zombies?
A: He took a short cut!

Q: Why can’t you take a nap while being followed by a zombie herd?
A: Because if you snooze, you lose your life!

Q: What do you do when a blonde throws a pin at you in the zombie apocalypse?
A: Run! She’s got a hand grenade in her mouth!

Q: Why do runners in the zombie apocalypse go jogging early in the morning?
A: They want to finish before their brain figures out it’s for breakfast!

Q: Did you hear about the survivor who ran for three hours but only moved two feet?
A: He only had two feet!

Q: Why is it easy to run away from a zombie?
A: You tripped up your friend first!

Q: How do crazy runners go through the zombie filled forest?
A: They take the psycho path!

Q: What do you call a 16 year old girl from Kentucky who can run faster than her six walking dead brothers?
A: A domestic violence survive!

Q: Why did Halloween end?
A: It run into November 1st!

The good thing about the zombie apocalypse is you can run a Halloween party all year long!

If you want me to go running with you, I’m going to need some motivation…Like a herd of zombies behind us wanting to bite me!

You think I’m crazy because I run away? Trust me, If I’m bitten. I will be one crazy ass zombie!

I don’t run. And if you see me run, you should start running too. Because something is probably chasing us like a zombie!

Before the zombie apocalypses cardio was the name of my couch. Now it’s something I do daily!

Unless you saw a zombie eating someone infront of you, I don’t want to hear about your morning jog!

I have been jogging my memory about life before the zombie apocalypse.

Running from your problems never helps unless the problem is being chased by zombies!

I run slow when a little zombies are chasing me so they think they’re fast!

Knock, Knock

Who’s there?


Run who?

Run away there are zombies coming!

Knock, Knock

Who’s there?


The who?

The zombie apocalypse is here!

Knock, Knock

Who’s there?


Jog who?

Jog my memory why I knocked on this door!

Knock, Knock

Who’s there?


Zom who?Ghost


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Zombie Apocalypse Running Jokes

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