Corpse Jokes

Corpse Jokes


Funny Corpse Jokes, Corpse Humor And Dead Body Humor

Q: Do zombies like being dead?
A: Of corpse!

Q: How do you know a corpse is angry?
A: It flips its lid! ashes.”

Q: What did the pineapple say to the corpse?
A: Nothing as dead people can’t talk!

Q: Why was the corpse upset?
A: It made a grave error!

Q: What did the corpse call his band?
A: The deadbeats!

Q: What do you call to corpse sit in the sun?
A: Dead heat!

Q: What do you call two corpses that reach the surface at the same time?
A: A dead heat!

Q: Why do you want to be buried at sea?
A: Because my wife says she wants to dance on my corpse!

Q: What do the call a corpse in this politically correct times?
A: A permanently static post-human mass!

Q: Why did the driver look surprise after hit the old lady?
A: He could only find some old corpse under the car!

Q: What did the driver say to the person they just ran over?
A: Hey corpse how did you get out of your hole!

Q: Can I make Halloween puns?
A: Of corpse I can!

Q: Can I grab some ice from the freezer?
A: Sure just watch out for the corpse!

Q: Do you like zombies?
A: Of corpse I do!

Q: How do you know that a corpse is sick?
A: It lies around day and night coffin!

Q: What did the 1000 years old corpse like to drink?
A: Embalming fluid!

Q: Why was the corpse sad?
A: They took him off laugh support!

Q: What is a corpse’s favorite joke site?
A: Of corpse it’s!

Q: What food does a corpse hate to eat?
A: Creamtion!

Q: Why do zombies like eating corpses on the battle field?
A: They are covered in mustard gas and pepper spray!

Q: Do pharaoh’s like dressing up as mummies?
A: Of corpse they do!

Q: Why did the corpse call the doctor?
A: It had worms!

Q: Why did the corpse rise up out of the ground?
A: It was a full moon!

Q: Why did the grave digger dig up the corpse?
A: To lift dead weight!

Q: Why is the comedian now a corpse?
A: He finally hit a punch line that worked!

Q: Why is there a corpse on your front lawn?
A: It’s the cheapest Halloween prop I could hand make!

Q: When do you know are a corpse?
A: Every where you look is a dark dead end!

Q: Why is being a corpse better than being a zombie?
A: You don’t after to walk around!

Q: Why couldn’t the corpse hold a job?
A: He kept falling to pieces!

Q: Why was the corpse stuck in one place?
A: The head stone was pinning him down!

Q: Why was the corpse lonely?
A: It was smelly!

Q: Why did the corpse like Halloween?
A: Everybody thought his costume was life like!

Q: What did the werewolf say to the ugly corpse?
A: You look like a treat!

Q: Why did the ghost leave the corpse?
A: The accommodation was a little confined!

Q: What’s the different between a vampire coffin and a corpse coffin?
A: Six feet of dirt!

Q: What did the worms order for their buffet?
A: A corpse!

Q: Where do worms pick up other worms?
A: At a new corpse party!

Q: Did you hear about the corpse that lost his whole left side to hungry rats?
A: He’s just alright now!

Q: Who was the last creature the corpse saw?
A: The Grimm Reaper!

Q: Why did the Homeless man become a corpse?
A: For the four wall and a roof!

Q: Why did the corpse hide in the ground?
A: He thought the cemetery was creepy!

Q: What is the worst thing to say to the Grimm Reaper?
A: “Over my dead corpse!”

Q: Why was the corpse stiff?
A: The vampire suck it dry!

Q: What it the different between a deady body and a corpse?
A: 3 letters!

Q: What are there so few corpse jokes?
A: They are too deadly to tell!

Q: What came first the coffin or the corpse?
A: A coffin is what made the corpse!

Q: Was the man upset to be buried alive?
A: Of corpse he was!

Q: Where did the corpse wish to be buried?
A: In the earth!

Q: Why are corpses buried six feet deep?
A: To keep the zombies out!

Q: Where do corpses find love?
A: In the dark!

Q: Why do corpses hate black cats?
A: They always use the new plot for kitty letter!

Q: Why are people scared of a dead walking corpse?
A: Well it’s dead for starters!

Q: What is the best way to deal with a zombie?
A: Turn it into a headless corpse!

Q: Why is the headless horseman so famous?
A: After being a corpse, then a zombie, now a horse man. He is a real stud to the nonliving!

Q: Why did the cereal killer get away with so many deaths?
A: He hid the corpse in the dark!

More Funny Corpse Jokes
Did you hear about the guy who got killed and cut into tiny pieces and stuffed into a large zipper bag? His lips were sealed!

Corpse jokes will be the death of me!

A monster and a zombie went into the undertaker’s. “I’d like to order a coffin for a friend of mine who has just died,” said the monster. “Certainly, sir,” said the undertaker, “but there was really no need to bring him with you.”

If a man was born in Indian, raised in America and died in Spain, what does that make him? A corpse!

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Corpse Jokes

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