Can Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma be cured?

Can Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma be cured?

According to the American Cancer Society, patients with non-Hodgkin Lymphoma have a 70% possibility of 5-years survival rates. For the following 10-years survival rate, there is a 60% chance. Though, survival rates are only a statistic. Based on recent research and studies, the non-Hodgkin Lymphoma can be cured, with medical attention, the proper medical treatment, and balanced diets, depending on the stage and type of lymphoma the patient may have. This will also depend on the stage of the lymphoma, and how early it was discovered/diagnosed by a doctor. According to the Cancer Updates, Research, and Education (CURE) Institute, most of Hodgkin Lymphomas are curable, but science needs to develop new, more resilient and strengthened drugs in order to attack the disease more effectively.

Recalling that there are two categories of non-Hodgkin Lymphomas (indolent and aggressive, or also known as slow and fast growing), it can be said that the fast-growing lymphomas are most likely to be cured than the slow-growing lymphomas. Fast growing, or aggressive lymphomas, present more noticeable symptoms and signs, and with proper medical assistance and treatment, they can be cured. On the other hand, with the slow-growing lymphomas, or also known as indolent non-Hodgkin Lymphomas, the odds are thinner, considering that this type of lymphoma grows quite slowly and patients can be put into remission many times in their lifetime. The symptoms in this type appear rarely, and it is more difficult to diagnose. Therefore, it is more difficult (though, not impossible) to cure them. It would depend on the time the lymphoma has been in the individual’s lymphatic system, the stage or even where is located.
In conclusion, the non-Hodgkin Lymphoma is a type of cancer that can be cured (one of the few types) with proper medication, assistance, and treatment. However, the disease needs more research and further study to find more possible cures, and strengthen the already existing mechanisms and processes for more effective diagnosis and cure.

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Can Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma be cured?

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