How Many Cases of Type 1 Diabetes Are There?

How Many Cases of Type 1 Diabetes Are There?


September 7, 2018

Type 1 diabetes affects the global population. The highest cases are reported in Finland where there are more than 60 cases for every 100,00 people each year. Sardinia has the second highest number of cases with 40 cases per 100,000 people every year. In the United States, the American Diabetes Association (ADA) reports that 1.25 million Americans are affected by the disease with 40,000 more newly diagnosed annually. Countries like China, India, and Venezuela report the lowest cases of Type 1 diabetes. On a worldwide scale though, the disease has steadily increased from 1989-2003. The United Nations has named the disease as an epidemic.

The incident of males diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes is more significant in men with European origin than in females of the same with a ratio of 3:2. For populations that show the highest risk, there tend to be more cases of boys and young men being diagnosed. This number is evened out in low-risk populations. Type 1 diabetes is the only autoimmune disease that occurs less likely in women even those within child-bearing age. Children and adolescents are the ones affected by Type 1 diabetes though with over 1 million diagnosed. It is one of the most prevalent illnesses in children. Case studies also show that among children diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes many are born in spring.


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How Many Cases of Type 1 Diabetes Are There?

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