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rashad tudi announced the abolition of the syrian government s agreement with the ypg

  • Iran says it signed deal to rebuild Syria's military
  • One dead, four wounded in new Israeli air strikes in Syria - state media
  • Donald Trump announces new Mexico trade agreement while promising to terminate NAFTA
  • A Murder Is Announced? US narrative on Idlib resembles Agatha Christie novel, Russia’s UN envoy says
  • US intervention in Syria should be stopped immediately – Iranian president
  • Jerusalem Post to RT: Report on IDF funding Syrian rebels pulled on request of ‘army's censor'
  • France and UK announce agreement to end scallop wars
  • Royal Jordanian, Tunisair sign code share agreement
  • Elected Security Council members urge peace in Syria's Idlib
  • US threatens 'swift & appropriate' response if Syria 'uses chemical weapons again'
  • White Helmets accompany large delivery of poisonous chemicals to militants in Syria – MoD
  • 'US wants terrorists to stay in Idlib; just imagine what Pompeo would say if they were in Oregon'
  • Russia warns US not to ‘play with fire’ in Syria – Lavrov
  • ‘Assad has won the war’: French foreign minister makes Syria admission
  • Interjet Signs New Partnership Agreement with Emirates
  • Idlib to become Syria's final battle with terrorists… if the West stays out of it
  • Russia bolsters navy presence in Mediterranean off Syria
  • US says Syria preparing Idlib chemical attack as Turkey urges restraint
  • ‘Terrorists entrenched there’: Kremlin rebukes Trump’s warning against Idlib offensive
  • France ‘ready to strike’ Syria if chemical weapons used during Idlib offensive – army chief
  • Russia submitted proof of false-flag chemical-weapons plot to OPCW & UN – Lavrov
  • Belgian minister calls for religious TV ban after reading on female submission
  • UK and French fishermen fail to agree 'scallop wars' deal
  • 'Huge burdens' face cash-strapped Jordan struggling with refugee crisis
  • UN special envoy on Syria warns against bombing rebel enclave
  • Did IDF admit giving weapons to Islamists in Syria? Explosive Israeli news report vanishes
  • US-trained militants attempted to commit terrorist attacks in Palmyra – Russian MoD
  • Sabre and Carlson Wagonlit Travel expand long-term business partnership
  • Syrian state YouTube channels ‘terminated’ amid fears of looming false flag chem attack
  • AP Explains: The looming, final battle for Syria's rebels
  • Company set up by Michael Cohen offers to drop Stormy Daniels' hush-money agreement
  • Syrian rebels hope Turkey will intervene with Russia to prevent all-out government offensive on final stronghold in Idlib
  • Tri-party talks in Tehran may decide outcome of Syria war
  • At least four Syrian civilians killed as air strikes stepped up in rebel stronghold Idlib
  • ‘They want to keep voters ignorant’: Roger Waters slams mainstream coverage of Syria & BDS

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