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Andy Burnham backs second Brexit vote – but warns of social unrest

  • Andy Burnham backs second Brexit vote – but warns of social unrest
  • Brexit should be postponed to avoid no-deal scenario, says Andy Burnham
  • GMB asks members for views on Brexit deal People's Vote
  • Jeremy Corbyn faces increased trade union pressure to back referendum on final Brexit deal
  • Campaigners for fresh Brexit referendum urge supporters not to 'damage or undermine' Corbyn
  • Union call for Brexit vote adds pressure on Corbyn to follow suit
  • Government's Brexit 'incompetence' condemned by former Bank of England governor Mervyn King
  • New Brexit referendum backed by GMB union
  • Brexit: Theresa May warns Tory MPs backing new referendum of backlash
  • Brexit: Former Tory minister joins calls for public to be given final say on deal amid 'gridlock in parliament'
  • No-deal Brexit: No 10 refuses to say MPs will see full impact analysis
  • Operation Yellowhammer: Photo of secret government no-deal Brexit papers reveals questions over 'rail access to the EU'
  • Brexit: David Davis confirms he will vote against Theresa May's Chequers deal in the commons
  • Final Say: Former SAS chief calls no-deal a 'major security concern' as he backs fresh Brexit referendum
  • Risk of hard Brexit grows every day, warns German industry chief
  • Bombshell poll reveals massive union backing for new EU vote
  • Brexit putting the union at risk, new poll reveals
  • Final Say: Leader of Women's Equality Party backs The Independent's campaign - 'I'm calling for the first referendum to involve females'
  • Trump warns of 'violence' if Democrats win midterm elections
  • Brussels bans EU countries' diplomats from attending Brexit meetings laid on by UK
  • Michael Caine thinks a no-deal Brexit is a scare tactic: 'In the long run, it'll come around'
  • Michael Cane thinks a no-deal Brexit is a scare tactic: 'In the long run, it'll come around'
  • Union members overwhelmingly back calls for referendum on Brexit deal, says poll
  • A botched Brexit will leave nurses unable to do their jobs safely – that's why they want a final say
  • Women support remaining in the EU by 12-point margin, poll finds
  • Former Rolls Royce chairman and Conservative Party donor calls for second Brexit referendum
  • Final Say: 430,000-strong nurse union writes to UK parties to back second referendum
  • People's Vote seeks to sway EU newspapers with 'Blind Brexit' poll
  • Rights groups alarmed over Thai detention of asylum seekers
  • No-deal Brexit will force poorer people to eat low-quality foreign meat, ministers warned
  • 'What planet are you on?' Farage RIDICULES ex-EU chief's Brexit warning of UK break up
  • Backchat: Audio reporting, audience feedback, and Brexit
  • Brexit: David Davis hits out at Theresa May over Chequers compromise
  • Brexit: Britain's trade unions to take major step towards backing Final Say referendum
  • Supporters of a Final Say Brexit referendum should refrain from attacking Jeremy Corbyn – they need him

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